[New in Korean] Seven minds share single body in '7

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"A Day of Your Existence"

By Park So-young

Changbi Publishers

In the latest novel by emerging sci-fi writer Park So-young, titled "A Day of Your Existence," readers are transported to a captivating future society.

The story unfolds in a world with a "human 7-day rotation system," where seven individuals share a single body -- due to environmental destruction and food scarcity. Within this system, known as “Bodymates,” each person utilizes the shared body on a designated day, spending the remaining six days in a virtual reality space called “Paradise.” Communication among the Bodymates is limited to the group chat function of the messenger app, “Seven Mates.”

Hyun Woo-lim, the “Wednesday person” who uses the body on Wednesdays, constantly faces awkward situations when she takes over the body after Kang Gina, the “Tuesday person.” Hyun often wakes up severely drunk or stranded on a wet road in the rain.

On her 22nd birthday, after receiving the body from Kang, Hyun wakes up on a yacht at night. Struggling to stay afloat after someone pushes her into the water, Hyun urgently escapes from the body. However, she receives a death notification from Paradise.

The mystery follows who is responsible for Hyun’s death, or was it Kang’s death they wanted? Hyun is determined to reclaim her physical body.

Park's previous dystopian novel, "Snowglobe," is set to be published worldwide in English by Delacorte Press in February 2024.

CJ Entertainment, the production company responsible for acclaimed films like "Parasite" and "Snowpiercer," has secured the rights for the film adaptation of the book.




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